Ludwig Erhard Haus was designed to house the Berlin Stock Exchange, the Chamber of Commerce and the local Federation of Industrialists. The building provides flexible office space, a conference centre and catering facilities. To achieve low energy consumption, low running costs and low levels of pollutant emissions was a top priority. Taking into account additional restrictions, such as rights-of-light issues, the irregularity of the site and the maximum building height line imposed by the city planners, the volume of the building represents the site's maximum commercial development envelope. The building’s public functions are arranged along a gently curving inner street to engage the building with the city. All the upper floors are suspended from 15 elliptical steel arches giving the greatest flexibility possible both for use and servicing. Office accommodation is organised around two atria, bringing daylight to the heart of the deep floor plan. Views through the building are consequently spectacular.

ludwig erhard haus
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